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To my beautiful SON  / Papi ((DAD))  Read >>
To my beautiful SON  / Papi ((DAD))
It has been a month since you were taken from us and still it hurts like the very first time I knew you were gone. I know how much you loved me and I also know that you knew how much I love you. Maybe that's why it hurts so much, our bond was broken, we have been sentenced to a live without you and thats no fair to you or any of us that loved or shared our lives with you for fifteen years. Your MOM and ME lost the best SON anybody can have. Your BROTHER, Anne, your Grandparents, your Whole Family have lost the best relative anyone can have. But I also know there is a lot of people out there like close family friends, your fellow students, teachers and friends you met during your wonderful life that have been denied of the chance to keep sharing their lives with you. My only consolation is knowing how many lives you touched and the love and respect we all have for you. I'll make sure your brother knows how much you meant to me, you will be my guide to care for him. Thank you Brandon for giving me the privilage of been My Son!

Hasta luego ('till next), Love

Papi. Close
Missing you  / Anne Poirier   Read >>
Missing you  / Anne Poirier
Dearest Brandon, Your place in my life, and mine in yours... was pretty different. Not exactly what you would call normal. But you know me by now, not much about me is. I know you know i loved and respected you. I knew my place in your life and i loved it. I knew you had a Mom and Dad who loved you very much. Those positions were taken so i began to create my own. I loved caring for you when you came to my home, I loved cooking your favorite meals, I loved making you laugh, I loved how silly we used to get, I loved taking you places you've never been (White Mountains, Polar Caves, Camping trips, deep sea fishing), and telling you things you didnt know, I loved watching your father love you everyday and his undying need to let you know it. I loved watching you and Julian create new bonds with every visit, and i loved how proudly you loved him. I loved you....and always will.
 I whispered promises in your ear at the beginning of your sweet slumber that i intend to keep Brandon. You're forever in my heart and Ill never let Julian forget you. I wish i could tell you your Papi and Brother are safe with me but i cant ...the reality of how powerless we are over gods wishes is painfully obvious in your passing. Because of you my life is changed forever. Julian is a lucky boy to have you up there watching over him. I hope everyone touched by your parting learns the lessons you were sent here to teach. <3 Blessed Be Sweet Brandon. <3 We miss you so much! <3Parting is such sweet sorrow.<3 Close
We miss you so much....  / Wanda Martinez (Aunt)  Read >>
We miss you so much....  / Wanda Martinez (Aunt)
It hurts so much to know you're gone. I can't believe you left so soon. What hurts the most is that we didn't have a chance to hug you, kiss you and tell you how much we love you as often as we wished due to the distance between us. We will never forget all the happy times we shared when you came to visit us in PA. You are such a wonderful kid. I thank God for letting us borrow one of His little Angels for 15 years. It wouldn't be the same if we never had you at all. You touched so many lives in your short one and it doesn't surprise me that you are love by so many. I'm so lucky to have a nephew like you. Remember, you are not where your body is, but where you are miss the most, and here we miss you soooo much...... You still live within us Brandon. I love you....................

Hugs and kisses,
 Titi Wandy Close
A message to Brandon with all ma heart  / Marielis Sanchez (Cousin)  Read >>
A message to Brandon with all ma heart  / Marielis Sanchez (Cousin)
well brandon, I miss you a lot...cant stop thinkin bout u....I remember when we were MAD little..throwing rocks at Dawn's dad's car lol and "Hapaseesaw" wat eva dat meant lol....Then a couple years later  reuniting at Camping lol good times...nd musikfest WOW now that was fun lol. Rest in Peace know that we will always have you present in out minds and hearts and that we will never forget about you. You have a True Boricua soul and I know that Puertorico must be proud of having a good person like you to be part of it. Watch over us and please find Dedrick for us in heaven and my brother that I never got to meet. Wait for us there!!! Close
To My Friend Brandon  / Maximo Perez (Friend)  Read >>
To My Friend Brandon  / Maximo Perez (Friend)
This is Max from P.A
Remember me?
I remember when we had mad fun
Watching Kung fu Hustle lol
We did some random things it was fun
I want you to know
You will never be forgotten
Brandon Martinez
to my beloved Brandon  / Morgan Vautour (sister (almost) )  Read >>
to my beloved Brandon  / Morgan Vautour (sister (almost) )

Brandon you were a HUGE  part of my life, i love you and  i always will. I always enjoyed playing video games with you! You were a nice kid and that will never change no matter what !Tracy when you read this i just want you to know that i am here for you whenever you need me!
p.s your almost sister i love you!

My beloved son  / Tracy Sidilau (mom)  Read >>
My beloved son  / Tracy Sidilau (mom)

My Dearest Brandon-  I still cannot believe your gone. My heart is so empty for you. I miss you so much. I know in my heart your in a better place and I cant wait to see you again. Happy Valentines Day Babes!!! Love you Forever Mom

Still thinking about you and thinking back at good times.  / Bryan Sanchez (Cousin)  Read >>
Still thinking about you and thinking back at good times.  / Bryan Sanchez (Cousin)
Brandon this is your cuz Bryan back in Bethlehem Pa. Yea i miss you too with all my heart. Still here sitting remencesing in this room of mine. Yea you remeber... Remember all the good times we had lol trixy lol yea i know i still think about all the good times we had together. You know brandon i will never forget you and i hope you will never forget about me. You will always stay im my heart untill we meet again we will always be together. Your legend will live on. And to you Tio Orlin... take care tio, porfavor cuida a Anne y A Julian. Que los quiero muchos... Un beso y una flor... And Brandon To you Peace... 'Till we meet again , thus we depart... To better times ahead....                        
                        Your loving cuz and best friend forever
                                                    Boricua 4 LIFE
                                                 Rest easy..... Close
Happy Valentine's Day  / Auntie Kim (Aunt)  Read >>
Happy Valentine's Day  / Auntie Kim (Aunt)
Happy Valentine's Day Brandon!!!  You have been on my mind and in my heart all day.  I love you.


Auntie Close
Brandon's Honor & Celebration Dedication!  / Lorene Tisdale (Friend)  Read >>
Brandon's Honor & Celebration Dedication!  / Lorene Tisdale (Friend)
Brandon:  This memorial website was created to celebrate and honor your life.  You were so tragically taken from us at such a young age, but the love and memories everyone has of you will live on forever.  You are now in the Lord's hands.

Rest in Peace Dear One Close
Childhood Memories  / Nicole Walker (Childhood friend )  Read >>
Childhood Memories  / Nicole Walker (Childhood friend )

Dear Brandon,
Although we haven't seen eachother in years, the memories I have of you are very clear. I remember times when my grandmother and your mother were hanging out while we would be playing & having fun. I'll never forget the few songs we sung and danced to, laughing at eachother. Your life has had an impact on me & your death has had an even bigger one. I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to spend time with you before you were taken, but you will be forever missed by everyone & always remembered. Shine some light on your mother, kiddo! She could sure use it. We all love you!!

Dear Julio and ANne and Brandon's mom  / Ronalda @. Raymond Gallant (niece's step son )  Read >>
Dear Julio and ANne and Brandon's mom  / Ronalda @. Raymond Gallant (niece's step son )
We were very sadden by the death of Brandon that we never had the chance to know 
By experience loosing a child is so very painfull , but time will ease the pain , take time and remember all the fun stuff he must have made you laugh Cherish those memories 
Someone once told me Sophie is in a better place ......... YES BUT SHE WAS GOOD WITH US ALSO BUT LIFE HAS IT'S WAYS that we can:t control   Please beleive that our prayers are with you  
        Take care JUlio and your other son Julian will not replace Brandon but it will help you pass this time  Take care  , 
                     Aunt Ronnie and uncle Raymond Close
You Shall Never be Forgotten  / Betty McGuirk (Friend of the Sidileau Family )  Read >>
You Shall Never be Forgotten  / Betty McGuirk (Friend of the Sidileau Family )
Dear Brandon, 
I knew you as a child, seeing you now and then at a party or when you would come with your mother to visit your Grandmother where she and I worked.  You are greatly missed by all.

How very hard it is for those who are left behind.  

I know with all my heart that you are in a beautiful place surrounded by pure love that warms your very soul.  We can not see you but know that the wonderful spirit that was you can only have gone on to a new life shared with all who have gone before you.  

Your family will carry your love and memories in their hearts always and you Brandon have taken all their love and your memories of them to heaven.  

Be at Peace Brandon and may God give comfort and strength to your family and friends. 

Our deepsest sympathies  / Lisa &. Brian Allain (Cousin to Anne )  Read >>
Our deepsest sympathies  / Lisa &. Brian Allain (Cousin to Anne )
Dear Anne, Julio and all of Brandon's family,

Please accept our deepest sympathies.

We never had the opportunity to meet Brandon but it appears he was a great young man.

You are in our thoughts in this awful time.


Lisa, Brian & Colin Allain
(Uncle Eve's Son) Close
Condolences to you Julio, Tracy and family  / Mariangeli Vasquez (aunt)  Read >>
Condolences to you Julio, Tracy and family  / Mariangeli Vasquez (aunt)
My deepest condolences to my dear brother Orlin, Tracy and family. We spend very little time with Brandon but we love him dearly and I just want to let you guys know that this has been a very hard for all of us. But the memories we have of him are always going to be treasure. I remember one time that he visited us in Pa we were at the pool and we snicked in some pernil, I told Brandon, Bryan, and Marielis to eat some when we were going to get some for our selves the plante was empty. It was funny because when we looked at their faces they were very greasy from the meat. This and many other memories of him just lighten my day. I love very much guys. Thank you for your hospitality our family thanks you very much. Close
You will be missed  / Scott Provencher (family friend )  Read >>
You will be missed  / Scott Provencher (family friend )
Although it has been several years since I have seen you, you will be greatly missed.  You were loved by all and impacted the world in a positive way.

Scott Close
I miss you  / Tracy (mom)  Read >>
I miss you  / Tracy (mom)
Brandon - Not a day goes by that I dont think of you. Ive been trying to go on with my life but I cant without you. I miss you soo much and my heart aches everyday. I havent been to the cemetary it just makes me so sad knowing your gone before me. I love you so much and cry everyday. Yesterday was easter and that was a very difficult day. Seeing everyone together with their familys makes me even sadder because your not with me. I love you forever and will never forget you. Rest in peace babes !!! Miss you Love Mom Close
To my Beloved SON BRANDON  / Julio Martinez (Papi)  Read >>
To my Beloved SON BRANDON  / Julio Martinez (Papi)
Today is the second month since your departure and I still can't stop feeling the pain of loosing you. Even that it feels like a nightmare, it still hurts like it was yesterday, some days are less painful than others but, it hurts. Everyday I think about you and pray for you, and sometimes great memories, sometimes just simple ones jump to my mind and make me laugh because thats who you are, a GREAT SON that always showed your loved for us, a SON that always makes me feel happy and proud. Every step you took you left a footprint and in each one of your footprints you left a story to tell, a story that will forever be engrave in each one of us. I'll always miss you for the rest of my life and for the rest of my life I'll keep you alive in my heart and in my mind, I promise.

Love you for ever,

Papi. Close
Tracy / Kim (Wallace) Pehi (none - old friend of mom )  Read >>
Tracy / Kim (Wallace) Pehi (none - old friend of mom )

Tracy  I only found out recently that Brandon was your son.  I am SO very sorry for your loss honey.

My daughter is in her fourth year at Leominster High now.  I have always driven her and picked her up and I remember the day you lost Brandon very well.  

Every morning and every afternoon I continue to pay respects to the beautiful memorial that is left for him and every opportunity I have I remind the kids of the significance of his life and loss. 

I am a mother who has lost a child.  I understand all too well the emptiness it leaves in you.  I do hope you have the love and support around you to help keep you strong and the warm memories of your beloved son to comfort you. 

I never even met him but Iwill never forget him.

It would be lovely to hear from you.  Please feel free to email me anytime.

Kim (Wallace) Pehi 

2 years and still not a day goes by  / Morgan Vautour (like a sister!! )  Read >>
2 years and still not a day goes by  / Morgan Vautour (like a sister!! )
i miss u dearly and right now i wish u where here right beside me to guide me through life!! i miss u so much!! Every now and then little tears grow in my eyes because i am thinking about you. But i always try to think of the happy times we shared together. I try never to cry because i know u don't like when people think negative. I know you are a very positive person and that is one of many things that i will ALWAYS look back and laugh at. You mean so much to me and you are like a brother to me and you will always be no matter what happens.Because i love u truly and i will forever and ever. Close
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